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Property Law


Our Understanding

Since this area of legal practice is so broad and wide ranging, it is not uncommon for IP attorneys to specialize within the practice of IP. It is not out of the question for intellectual property attorneys to hold degrees in engineering or other disciplines. This extends their understanding of industrial part of IP law and the technical understanding those disciplines come with. Intellectual property attorneys may also have strong work experience and education in other fields. 

Areas Of Expertise

Geographical Indications /Certified Trademarks

The passing of the Geographical Indications Act, 2013 gave an opportunity for commercial exploitation of handicrafts industry and products from communities whose peculiar characteristics are determined by the environment from which they are produced or grown.
KTA is presently advising the government and community that rares the Ankole Cow breed on creating a geographical indication or certified trademark of the products of the Ankole Cow, for commercial exploitation. A rare breed with low cholesterol, withstanding drought and hard conditions, its products, milk and meat, ghee and cow horn will be able to fetch a premium price when a traceability system is established as its qualities are pristine and found nowhere else.
The Firm has advised on Geographical Indications for Pepa Yam, Kola nut and cocoa as well as Kente cloth for the governments of Nigeria and Ghana respectively.


Goodwill and reputation, an intangible asset of value serves as a bloodline of successful companies. The KTA team advises on brand positioning and strategy, Trademark searches and filings, trademark watches, anti-counterfeit measures, opposition and litigation in the protection of a client`s trademarks.

The IP department of the Uganda Registration Services Bureau is a stone`s throw away from our offices. This office keeps records of trademarks where all IP rights are registered. KTA has installed a software system where all clients’ trademarks are recorded and are able to get notifications prior to expiry in time for renewal both to the Firm and client.


KTA also operates a formidable anti-counterfeit practice in association with inspectors and investigators from all over the globe.

We are able to detect with surveillance of a consignment from the point of export to import into the region where seizure orders can be procured by our litigation teams in the region. The team is also able to do surveillance for local manufacturers who suffer competition from counterfeiters and advise on seizure or destruction of counterfeited goods.


Innovations, free movement of goods and services and the ever-rising participation of the East African Community Partner states in global trade, has created the need for innovators and businesses that are driven by technological advancement to protect their innovations.

The KTA IP team is available to help in advising the client on the murky waters of patent protection. We do patent drafting, national and international filings, renewals, portfolio management, infringement analysis, opposition and litigation, licensing and commercialization of the innovation.

The Firm has filed a number of applications in Uganda for foreign patents including PCT applications and has also advised local innovators on their innovation notably “The Jaguza app” that detects an animal`s attitude and is able to assist animal health workers and farmers engaged in animal husbandry to detect diseases without interaction with the animal from the comfort of the smartphone.

The KTA team has also advised on the protection and registration of the “Janzi”, a music instrument with two scales that was invented by a client, an improvement of the local “Adungu” musical instrument.


The Firm has advised a number of copyright owners, managers and represents collecting societies or Collecting Management Organizations (CMOs).

It has also been involved in Litigation and or enforcement of copyright for authors, artists. Some of the prominent artists it has represented include Eddy Kenzo.

Black Entertainment Award (BET) winner for African Musician of the Year, Ester Nabaasa Tusker Larger Project fame winner, Prof Jay from Tanzania and various authors and sculptors.

We also defended an opposition of Presidents Museveni`s copyright in the song “Mpekoni, U want another rap”. The enforcement of a copyright in sculpture against Bank of Uganda, the famous twenty thousand shilling note case.

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